How Many Types Of Pod Electronic Cigarettes Are There And How To Choose?

How Many Types Of Pod Electronic Cigarettes Are There And How To Choose?

Pod electronic cigarettes are a type of electronic device that was developed to meet the needs of people who smoke and are looking for new alternatives to tobacco use. Pod electronic cigarettes are another option. There are 3 main types of this device to choose from:

Pod type electronic cigarette

  • Closed system

It is an electronic cigarette with a head like Pod Cartridges, a pre-made head. Which will have the cigarette liquid supplied as well You can say that it is bought and ready to use. But the user will not be able to choose the strength of the coil. That is, cannot adjust the value as you like Can only be used as the device set And still unable to add cigarette liquid But can remove and change the machine head It is a pod-type electronic cigarette that is easy to use. No need to waste time filling or replacing the coil frequently. Caution is that when the solution dries, the user will feel a burning sensation and stinging in the throat while working. We recommend that you constantly check the solution.

  • Open system

This type of pod electronic cigarette is the opposite of the first type. Because this is the type that has to be added to the cigarette liquid itself when it is used. They need to be refilled regularly to maintain these types of pod electronic cigarette operating conditions. Its advantage is that users can choose from a wide variety of reagents. Many scents and flavors If all this flavor liquid is used up and want to try new flavor, then you can choose to change Suitable for people who like to try new things and they are compatible with a wide variety of reagents and coils Maximum freedom of choice for the user.

  • Single use

This type of pod electronic cigarette is suitable for users who are easily bored. And want the utmost convenience in the use of electronic cigarettes It’s a device that looks like a regular e-cigarette. But will be designed to suit for a single use only, that is, when purchased for use The machine will have a solution to be ready to use immediately. But when finished using Or when the cigarette solution runs out Will not be able to change or add liquid for further use You can take it away. It is a pod electronic cigarette that is very popular today. Because you don’t have to waste time taking care of replacing the coil or adding a new solution Just use it and then throw it away. It is an item for people who want the convenience of using e-cigarettes.