What to Do If You Don’t Have Enough Boxes

What to Do If You Don’t Have Enough Boxes

When moving home boxes are about the most important thing you need. If you run out of boxes, though, it doesn’t have to be a crisis. Here are some ways of getting past this problem, and as you will see there may be times when the alternatives are better than boxes.

1. Suitcases

You may well have some suitcases around and these are great for anything that is made from cloth. Things like towels, linen, and curtain and clothes all pack well in suitcases. 

Many other things are well suited to filling suitcases, but if you have suitcases with wheels then your life has just become a lot easier. Use these to pack heavy things like books and canned food. This means that you can pack these knowing that you won’t have to carry them. 

2. Backpacks

With soft exteriors and often with many pockets the backpack is a versatile container for packing. It can take oddly shaped items well, and the pockets are ideal for small things. One warning if you are going to use backpacks and carry them, do not overpack them and injure your back.

3. Drawers

These are logical places to pack things. There are two options when using drawers to pack. You can either put the packed drawer back where it came from or keep it separate. If you are going to put them back in the chest or cupboard, use some masking tape to hold them in place. The advantage of putting them back is if the drawers contain items from where there were taken it can save time unpacking.

4. Crates

Crates are wonderful. They are sturdier than boxes and have handles. They also stack well if they are not overfilled. Because the sides of crates are high, they are ideal for items such as bottles and objects like aerosol cans.

5. Sealable Plastic Bags

These bags are ideal for things like pens, lipstick, and screws. These are the small items that can easily be lost and a sealable bag like a Ziploc bag saves a huge amount of frustration. It is a good idea to use these anyway and then bundle them in larger containers.

6. Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are great for packing as they are well constructed and solid and can hold a great deal. One possibility is to use them to pack kitchen items just because of the association between the two.

7. Other Possibilities

The list does not end with these six. You can also consider things like garbage bags, tote bags, beer boxes, buckets, and rubbish bins. Other things to pack in are baskets, vacuum bags, briefcases, and even toiletry bags.


These are just a few alternatives you can use if your run out of boxes. In some cases, though, the alternatives are better than the boxes. Running out of boxes is not a crisis if you don’t lose your head and you see all the alternatives out there.